International Equity ADR

Building on Over 20 Years of International Investing, our International Equity ADR Strategy seeks to invest in companies exhibiting above-average profitability and earnings growth trading at reasonable valuations. Exposure to these companies is gained through the purchase of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and U.S. traded shares of foreign companies. As a result, our clients have the opportunity to invest in companies in developed and emerging markets without the operational burdens inherent to owning ordinary shares. Our objective is to outperform comparable international stock indices over a full market cycle. The Renaissance International Equity ADR Strategy is available as a separate account and through select SMA and UMA platforms.

In light of the strong performance from U.S. stocks over the past five years, it’s reasonable for an investor to ask, “Why international stocks now?” We are convinced that the reasons for investing internationally are even more compelling today than they were twenty years ago.