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Renaissance Investment Management

Disciplined Investment Strategies Guided By Experience & Judgment

Renaissance is an SEC-registered investment advisor offering a variety of domestic and international investment strategies. For more information, click the link below.


About us

Founded in 1978, Renaissance Investment Management is an SEC-registered investment advisor based in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. The firm serves both institutional and high net worth clients and offers a variety of investment management strategies based upon a foundation of intensive research and disciplined, process-oriented decision making. The firm serves clients both directly and through financial intermediaries.

Renaissance’s management team shares ownership of the firm with Affiliated Managers Group (AMG), a publicly traded company, in a unique partnership structure. This structure benefits our clients by allowing our focused, independent, and entrepreneurial team of investment professionals to take advantage of economies of scale in distribution and compliance/legal support available from a larger organization. This allows our investment team to do what they do best: manage money.

Our Process

In evaluating stocks for ownership, Renaissance is looking for three key attributes:

Growth Characteristics

Strong growth characteristics

High Earnings

A high degree of earnings momentum

Reasonable Valuation

A reasonable valuation for the stock

Investment Strategies

Large Cap Growth

Large Cap Growth

Our Large Cap Growth Strategy seeks to invest in growth-oriented stocks selling at reasonable valuations. Our disciplined process generally leads us to holdings exhibiting growth potential and earnings momentum above those of market averages, with P/E levels that are below.

international equity

International Equity ADR

Our International Equity ADR Strategy seeks to invest in non-U.S. companies exhibiting above-average profitability and earnings growth trading at reasonable valuations.


Emerging Markets Equity

Our Emerging Markets Equity Strategy seeks to invest in companies located in emerging markets that are exhibiting above-average profitability and earnings growth and are trading at reasonable valuations.

small cap growth

Small Cap Growth

Our Small Cap Growth Strategy employs a disciplined decision-making process to create and manage investments in smaller sized, growth-oriented companies.

international small growth

International Small Cap Equity

Our International Small Cap Equity Strategy seeks to invest in non-U.S. small cap companies exhibiting above-average profitability and earnings growth trading at reasonable valuations.



Our objective is to outperform the FTSE NAREIT Index over a full market cycle by identifying REITs exhibiting relatively strong price and earnings momentum.


Meet the Team

Michael E. Schroer, CFA

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Paul A. Radomski, CFA

Managing Partner

Joe G. Bruening, CFA

Senior Partner

Sudhir S. Warrier

Senior Partner

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